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Record low employment in Buffalo Niagara

The coronavirus pandemic has stripped Buffalo-Niagara of so many jobs that the region employs fewer people in the private sector than it has in at least 30 years. The metro area was down 46,000 private sector jobs in September, compared with a year earlier. That amounts to a 9.6 percent drop. That leaves the labor […]


iPost launches two fundraising drives

Investigative Post has launched its annual fundraising drive and this year there are two reasons to donate to Buffalo’s nonprofit investigative reporting center. For starters, donations of up to $1,000 will be matched. Donors get to double their money.  In addition, donations will not only underwrite our current operation but be put towards funding a […]


Sizing up election results, locally and nationally

I’m not old enough to remember the Kennedy-Nixon cliffhanger of 1960. Bush-Gore, yes. But as a stomach churner, nothing comes close to the ongoing Biden-Trump election. I think most Democrats and Republicans can agree with that – if nothing else. With that said, let me offer some random notes: It’s mostly overlooked, but worth noting, […]


Past presidential election turnout in WNY


Podcast: Tracking local voter turnout

Voter turnout is considered key to the 2020 presidential election. This week, our Money In Politics takes a look at turnout in Western New York during the last six presidential elections. Our analysis also tracks which candidate won Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties. Ken and Geoff discuss the numbers and the  turnout so far […]

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Problem cop still on Buffalo police force

There is exactly one Buffalo cop whose past conduct has so damaged his credibility that the Erie County District Attorney’s office refuses to put him on the witness stand. His name is Joseph R. Hassett.  In an April 2019 letter to Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood, DA John Flynn wrote that Hassett, 34, suffered from […]


Heaney talks campaign donations on WBEN

Investigative Post reported earlier this week on major contributions to the major campaign committees funding Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. (Trump report here, Biden here.) David Bellavia interviewed Jim Heaney about our coverage Friday morning on NewsRadio 930WBEN. Give a listen.  


M.T. Pockets gets liquor license renewed

Two months after an ugly altercation between bar patrons and Black Lives Matter demonstrators, M.T. Pockets remains open for business. In fact, the State Liquor Authority has just renewed the North Buffalo establishment’s liquor license for the next two years.  At the same time, the authority has charged M.T. Pockets with two violations: “operating disorderly […]