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Schumer’s undisclosed link to Comcast deal

Sen. Chuck Schumer is good with Comcast’s pending purchase of Time-Warner. Would it have something to do with the fact his brother helped put the deal together? A report from our friends at Little Sis.


On the campaign trail with Donald Trump

“Trump very badly wants to be taken seriously as a potential political candidate and not be written off as a man-boy who cried wolf. But, at the same time, he plainly has no interest in actually running for office,” reports BuzzFeed in an interesting profile.


Higgins calls out Tonawanda Coke

Congressman Brian Higgins, following up on an Investigative Post report about Tonawanda Coke suppressing information about Jan. 31 explosion at its plant, takes the company to task. Tonawanda Coke initially claimed no one was injured in blast until iPost reported at least one worker had been injured.


City Hall mishandles anti-poverty funds

Federal housing officials have issued yet another critical review of Buffalo’s use of Community Development Block Grant funds. Report by WGRZ’s Jeff Preval, including interview with Jim Heaney of Investigative Post, who has long covered City Hall’s mismanagement of the block grant program.


Global warming in 15 seconds

A nifty map tracks the impact of global warming over the past 60 years. “2013 was one of the warmest years on record … driven by man-made emissions,” reports Fast Company.


More politics at the Peace Bridge

Federal officials, concerned about health impacts of Peace Bridge, secretly considered, then rejected plans to divert truck traffic north, in part because of political considerations. A very important story by Jerry Zremski of The Buffalo News.


Big brother has a future

President Obama today detailed what he intends to do about the NSA’s mass surveillance program. He mostly sided with the intelligence community, rather than civil libertarians. Concluded the Guardian: “The substance of his proposals for the future of mass data collection amount to a gift for the National Security Agency.”


Big business donors oppose campaign reform

Unshackle Upstate is a pro-business, anti-tax group funded by corporate interests, including the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. It opposes public financing of political campaigns despite the corrupt culture the present system has fostered. LittleSis crunched the numbers and found out Unshackle has donated nearly $2 million to state pols, including more than $160,000 to Gov. Cuomo.