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Stadium benefits campaign goes public

 A coalition that wants a community benefits agreement attached to public subsidies for a new Buffalo Bills stadium has taken their campaign public, after months of quiet organizing. The coalition held a press conference Tuesday morning at Johnnie B. Wiley stadium on the city’s East Side — the old Rockpile, the original home of the […]


CBA proponents here seeking first win

Third in a three-part series. Western New York has never adopted a community benefits agreement the likes of which is being proposed for a new Buffalo Bills stadium. Twice, coalitions of community groups and elected officials have tried to attach CBAs to big, taxpayer-funded development projects in Buffalo. Those efforts — the first for Canalside, […]


Linking community benefits to a Bills stadium

This is the second of a three-day series in our continuing in-depth coverage of issues related to a proposed stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Erie County Legislature Chair April Baskin doesn’t concern herself with whether a new Buffalo Bills stadium will be built in Buffalo or Orchard Park.  She’s not particularly worried about its cost. […]


Heaney discusses Bills stadium on ‘Pressroom

Jim Heaney covered a lot of ground regarding the proposed Bills stadium in his interview on The Capitol Pressroom. Heaney updated host David Lombardo on recent developments and reporting by Investigative Post, including a story last week that detailed how taxpayers are on the hook for about $13 million a year of stadium expenses.  


How a stadium can benefit the community

This is the first of a three-day series in our continuing in-depth coverage of issues related to a proposed stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Before the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers broke ground last summer on a new arena, the team’s owners, elected officials and civic groups made certain the $1.8 billion project would benefit the […]


The Pegulas should pay up

Note: A version of this column first appeared in the current issue of Buffalo Spree. It’s been updated to reflect recent developments. Let’s suppose a company wanted to build a factory in Buffalo. The plant would be used only 10 times a year.  It wouldn’t employ many people, and a fair share of its front-line […]


A lack of urgency on Bills stadium

There’s been talk lately from the Buffalo Bills and government officials that time is running out to decide on a new stadium for the team.  It’s worth noting, however, that a committee was put together at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s behest to consider stadium options – eight years ago.  It only met once. Eight years ago. […]


The hidden costs of housing the Bills

There was a time when Erie County made money from Buffalo Bills games in Orchard Park.  From the opening of the football stadium in 1973 through 1997, the county collected millions of dollars from parking, concessions and the sale of stadium naming rights. No more.  Erie County in 1998 made major concessions that gave all […]