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Cuomo’s clean water proposal lacks details

Update 11:14 a.m Jan. 18.: The governor did release some – not all – details Tuesday night about his proposal to spend $2 billion statewide on water quality and clean drinking water projects. First, the money is spread out over five years. So, that’s $400 million a year for five years. What remains unclear is how […]


So much for rooting out corruption

Gov. Andrew Cuomo established the Moreland Commission three months ago to attack corruption in Albany. He has since acted to muzzle the watchdog. A report from The New York Times.


Cuomo and the hydrofrackers

An analysis by Kevin Connor of Little Sis leaves little doubt that natural gas interests and their allies in the corporate world are using their money and connections to cozy up with the governor as his administration ponders if and how to open the state to drilling.