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Q&A: Muckraker David Cay Johnston

While the term is little used these days, David Cay Johnston might be best described as a muckraker for his work as an investigative reporter producing both award-winning newspaper stories and best-selling books. Salon in 2004 said Johnston “has cultivated a reputation for being the kind of reporter unafraid to speak truth to power. He […]


Q&A: Larry Quinn

Larry Quinn, once a boy wonder, turned 60 earlier this year. He’s a couple of years removed by his tenure as managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres and membership on the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. During his carrer, he served as development commissioner under Mayor Jimmy Griffin and later oversaw the construction of what […]


Interview: Chris Jacobs

Chris Jacobs is that rare Republican who doesn’t hesitate to label himself a moderate or express his concern about his party’s shift to the far right. He took office as Erie County Clerk in January and is one of only two Republicans holding countywide office. (Sheriff Tim Howard is the other). Jacobs previously served 7 […]


Updating $1 billion economic aid package

Regional Economic Development Council on Monday outlined progress in putting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pledge into action. Six targeted industry sectors and public initiatives have been identified, and over next two months the council will establish a five-year blueprint and select three to five “signature” projects that will be implemented next year.


Interview: Developer Rocco Termini

  Rocco Termini is riding high these days. He recently completely a painstaking restoration of the Lafayette Hotel that is playing to rave reviews. He’s converting the Webb Building into a boutique hotel. And, if Gov. Andrew Cuomo agrees to increase state tax credits, he is poised to redevelop the AM&A’s building, a project long […]


Interview: Activist Aaron Bartley

Aaron Bartley is arguably Buffalo’s leading community activist, someone who has worked in the trenches since his college days. Bartley is a Buffalo native and graduate of City Honors, Swarthmore College and Harvard Law School. While at Harvard co-founded the Harvard Living Wage Campaign in support of the university’s service workers. He then served as […]


Interview: Allison Duwe of Coalition for Economic Justice

Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney interviewed Allison Duwe, Executive Director of the Coalition for Economic Justice, on the plight of the 99%, corporate subsidies, and the aversion of local politicians to progressive policies. Duwe, in the interview that aired on WGRZ’s Sunday Daybreak, said: Western New York’s economic problems stem in part to too many residents working […]


Complete Jim Allen interview

Amherst IDA director explains why his agency does what it does, often to the chagrin of its critics; discusses what we’re doing right and wrong to improve the regional economy; and recommends more of an emphasis on promoting entrepreneurs and making the area attractive to the “creative class.”