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Breaking down the idling story

Yes, it’s true that diesel truck engines run cleaner than they did a decade ago. But it doesn’t mean you should go ahead and inhale the fumes from thousands of trucks on a daily basis. There’s a law in New York that prohibits heavy-duty diesel engines from idling for more than five minutes under normal […]


DEC idling on enforcement

Diesel fumes permeate the air near the gate to the Peace Bridge Duty Free store as nearby trucks idle in traffic and parking lots. The idling trucks are a sore spot for residents of the West Side that borders the bridge and its plaza on the American side. Diesel fumes contribute to air pollution believed […]


Perfect day to start recycling

Today is the perfect day to start recycling if you haven’t already. Why? Because it is America Recycles Day. This morning, the Buffalo Recycling Alliance gave an award to the Community Charter School on Edison Avenue, which I mentioned in this article about the city school system’s challenges with boosting recycling in all of the schools. […]


Obama finally mentions global warming

Although it only lasted about a second, the president finally mentioned global warming outside of the MTV interview he did last month. In his victory speech this morning after defeating Mitt Romney, Obama may have signaled that he’s going to end his silence on global warming during his second term. Here’s what he said early […]


Being more sustainable…

Sustainability is the new big thing. Although it is a long-term approach, sustainability makes a clear connection with the environment, the economy and how we live in the world. What level of social responsibility do you take to live a more sustainable lifestyle? To see sustainability on a local level, check out this interview that Kristen […]


Recycling lessons from San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t just a world champion in major league baseball. The City by the Bay’s recycling program is also world class. San Francisco has tripled its recycling rate since 1996 to about 78 percent. It’s one of the highest recycling rates in the nation and light years ahead of Buffalo’s, which fluctuates in the […]


Sandy and the global warming connection

Usually a hurricane loses intensity as it moves north over colder water — unless it’s the  “Frankenstorm.” Sandy’s getting a lot of media attention for its size and intensity, but not so much attention is being made to its connection to global warming. “This is a beyond-strange situation. It’s unprecedented and bizarre,” wrote The Weather […]


The 800 pound gorilla: ultrafine particles

Al Carlacci, the regional air pollutant control engineer for the state Department of Environmental Conservation, said he doesn’t need a meter or an air quality monitor to tell him that there’s some dirty air in the West Side near the Peace Bridge, where studies have shown high levels of asthma. “The more cars you have […]