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WNY has 3 of state’s worst greenhouse gas polluters

The 650-foot smokestack at the Somerset coal-fired power plant in Niagara County billows plumes of smoke carrying greenhouse gases that can be seen on a clear day all the way across Lake Ontario in Toronto. The amount — 3.8 million tons in 2011 — makes the coal plant the top greenhouse gas polluter in New […]


Global carbon dioxide emissions rose in 2012

Energy use was responsible for 31.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions, a 1.4 percent increase for this past year. Not only is this a record, but it also brings the planet closer to temperatures many scientists believe will have catastrophic impacts on life as we know it. A Washington Post report.


Another down side to fracking

Methane is a more harmful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It’s also a byproduct of hydrofracking. A report from the Guardian.


Obama finally mentions global warming

Although it only lasted about a second, the president finally mentioned global warming outside of the MTV interview he did last month. In his victory speech this morning after defeating Mitt Romney, Obama may have signaled that he’s going to end his silence on global warming during his second term. Here’s what he said early […]


Sandy and the global warming connection

Usually a hurricane loses intensity as it moves north over colder water — unless it’s the  “Frankenstorm.” Sandy’s getting a lot of media attention for its size and intensity, but not so much attention is being made to its connection to global warming. “This is a beyond-strange situation. It’s unprecedented and bizarre,” wrote The Weather […]