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Lack of ice in Great Lakes threatens economy, ecology

There is less ice cover on the Great Lakes, which poses numerous economic and ecological problems, scientists say. The map above is a snapshot of the Great Lakes for January 17, showing very little ice cover so far. Normally, Lake Erie would be iced over by the second week of February. For example, watch this […]


Seiche caused low water levels

People took to Facebook and Twitter Wednesday wondering why water levels for Lake Erie and its tributaries were abnormally low. I thought I was going to have to make calls today to meteorologists and other weather experts to explain what happened, but our partners at WGRZ did it for us. Channel 2 WGRZ discovered that a […]


The Great Lakes are stressing out

This map shows a sea of red off of Buffalo and many other Rust Belt cities where environmental stressors are harming the nation’s largest fresh water source, the Great Lakes. People can heed the data and maps as a warning — the red doesn’t mean death, but it helps point people to where the focus […]


Can fracking threaten the Great Lakes?

It is against the law to drill for natural gas under the Great Lakes, but that doesn’t mean they are safe. Lois Gibbs, an environmental activist famous for leading the charge to clean up the Love Canal in Niagara Falls, points out that it is still legal to drill for natural gas underneath rivers, streams […]