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UB’s flawed fracking study draws national headlines

Critique of flawed U.B. sponsored hydrofracking study makes the New York Times, along with a caution that universities need to protect their reputations when sanctioning studies.


A flawed, compromised study?

A report released last week to much press fanfare concluded hydrofracking is becoming less environmentally damaging. But the report, issued by U.B.’s Shale Resources and Society Institute, is rife with serious factual errors and its authors have close ties to the natural gas industry, according to an analysis by a public interest research group.


Hydrofracking contributions to state pols

Our first installment of Joe Friday involves contributions made to political candidates and parties by companies with a vested interest in New York State opening up the Marcellus Shale to drilling for natural gas through a controversial process called hydraulic fracturing. A Common Cause recently released a study that tracked contributions from 2007 to October […]