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Tracking school aid by district

The Citizens Budget Commission has a nifty interactive map on changes in school aid for every district in the state. What’s the plan for your district?


Stealing, not creating jobs

A report by Good Jobs First documents how states spend billions to steal jobs from each other. “The result is a vast waste of taxpayer funds, paying for the geographic reshuffling of existing jobs rather than new business activity,” according to the report’s author.


Your biggest weakness …


It’s historic …


Transparency is the best policy

Note: This post was written in November 2012 and has been amended to reflect a change in the presidency of Investigative Post. Dan Telvock, our environmental reporter, has a new report about the failure of the Department of Environmental Conservation to aggressively act on requests to enforce state law at the Peace Bridge that prohibits […]


Q&A: Muckraker David Cay Johnston

While the term is little used these days, David Cay Johnston might be best described as a muckraker for his work as an investigative reporter producing both award-winning newspaper stories and best-selling books. Salon in 2004 said Johnston “has cultivated a reputation for being the kind of reporter unafraid to speak truth to power. He […]


Panel makes case for watchdog journalism

By Jeremy Izzio More watchdog, less lapdog. That’s the prescription David Cay Johnston, president of Investigative Reporters and Editors, offered for American journalism Tuesday to an audience of about 140 people at Burchfield Penny Art Center. Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winner and best selling author, headed a panel to consider “The State of Investigative Reporting” […]


iPost hosting panel on investigative reporting

The economic decline of mainstream news outlets has lead to major cost cutting at newspapers and television stations, limiting their capacity to produce investigative reporting that is vital to our democracy. Yet advances in technology and research provide reporters more tools than ever to produce and distribute their work. Against this backdrop, Investigative Post, a […]