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More from Heaney on SolarCity deal


Toles talk cartooning, benefit concert

Seamus Gallivan of the Good Neighborhood interviews Tom Toles on cartooning, blogging, investigative reporting and Buffalo’s rebound.


Toles talks to Artvoice about upcoming benefit

Tom Toles is features in a Q&A talking about his involvement with Investigative Post and Monday’s benefit for the organization that he is headlining along with the Outlyers.


Western Lake Erie’s algae blooms not going away

The harmful algae blooms in western Lake Erie may be a problem over the next century. In fact, some parts of the western basin could see huge increases of blooms. A story from the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio.


AP: 5 things you should know about Obama’s power plant rule

President Obama’s Power Plant Rule requires power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030, using 2005 emissions as the baseline. “But Environmental Protection Agency data shows that the nation’s power plants already have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 13 percent since 2005, or about halfway to the goal,” the AP […]


A buzz in Buffalo

A secret network of beekeepers in Buffalo has developed. Well, it’s no secret now after this report from Grist. The city doesn’t have laws that prohibit beekeeping at a time when towns, cities and counties across the country are changing rules to be more bee friendly while also protecting neighbors.


Courts side with town in wind farm permit dispute

Allegany Wind LLC wants to build a wind farm with 29 turbines in Cattaraugus County but needed an extension of its special use permit after a bout of legal challenges. The town of Allegany declined the extension, setting off another lawsuit. The courts sided with the town. A report by Great Lakes Echo.


Courts uphold EPA’s toxic air emissions regs

A federal appeals court upheld President Obama’s EPA toxic air regulations that aim to cut lead, arsenic, mercury and other pollutants from coal- and oil-burning power plant emissions. The rules require out-of-compliance plants to install pollution control technology.