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Quick Hit: Heaney on Urban League scrum

Jim Heaney, writing in The Public, sizes up the brouhaha in county government regarding the Buffalo urban League and concludes the agency’s defenders are ignoring a compelling case of wrongdoing. “We’re not talking honest mistakes involving $20,000 in excessive charges,” Heaney writes. “No, the bogus bills involved, among other transgressions, charging for work never performed. […]


Quick Hit: Urban League fights back

After an audit by the Erie County Comptroller’s office bore out whistleblowers’ claims of inflated billing and inadequate training, Urban League President Brenda McDuffie and her supporters say it’s a political witch hunt. But there’s little evidence for that, says Jim Heaney in a Quick Hit in The Public.


Heaney talks media with Capitol Pressroom

Jim Heaney and Susan Arbetter of The Capitol Pressroom discuss the declining fortunes of legacy media, in particular newspapers, and the rise of nonprofit newsrooms. Heaney expressed solidarity with the style of adversarial journalism practiced by Glenn Greenwald and his colleagues at The Intercept and said the upstate press could and should have been more […]


Quick Hit: Diversity in construction

A new report from the Partnership for the Public Good shows racial disparities in hiring are worse in Erie County than nationally. The state does make efforts to address these by including diversity goals on publicly funded construction projects — but these fall short for a number of reasons. Charlotte Keith explains more in The […]


Quick Hit: Greenleaf update

Buffalo State’s college newspaper, The Record, provided the owner of Greenleaf and Co. a forum to criticize Dan Telvock’s investigation of his business operations. The newspaper also gave Buffalo State officials an opportunity to explain why they support Greenleaf’s off-campus student housing project. But not everything they said passed the fact checker. Read Telvock’s “Quick […]


Quick Hit: Urban League update

Pressure is mounting on the Buffalo Urban League as Erie County legislators prepare to discuss an audit which bore out whistleblowers’ allegations of fraudulent billing. Read Charlotte Keith’s “Quick Hit” in The Public.


Quick Hit: Funding for Scajaquada cleanup

State funds to restore the badly polluted Scajaquada Creek are beginning to trickle in. Will federal funds follow? Read Dan Telvock’s “Quick Hit” in The Public.


Heaney on Alcoa’s latest subsidy deal

Susan Arbetter of Capitol Pressroom interviewed Jim Heaney on Thursday about the recent deal in which New York State agreed to increase its already generous subsidy package to Alcoa’s plant in Massena. The interview runs from 22:03 to 36:58.