Apr 7


Scajaquada Creek revisited

I was compelled to return to the scene to prove a point: the portion of Scajaquada Creek that runs through Delaware Park is disgusting.

One person criticized the post “Scajaquada Creek: a Buffalo toilet” because the photograph I used is from last summer. I felt comfortable using the photograph because I know it is a common sight.

I run three times a week and Hoyt Lake is a part of the path I take for my 10ks. I’ve become too familiar with the problems of this section of Delaware Park. I’ve also become accustomed to smelling sewer wafting from underneath the pavement once I hit Elmwood Avenue (and other parts of the city), but that’s a story for another day.

The picture below was taken this past weekend. It shows a mixture of nastiness: plastic bottles, sticks, sewer overflows, street runoff chemicals and miscellaneous garbage. All of this in Buffalo’s prized park.

Scajaquada Creek in Delaware Park near Hoyt Lake.

Scajaquada Creek in Delaware Park near Hoyt Lake.

Someone missing a basketball?

There’s probably $10 worth of recyclable plastic here, too, if anyone is interested.

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