Feb 12


Monday Morning Read

Jim Heaney's recommended reading for the week starts out with a TV story on dirty dealing in North Tonawanda. Albany is always good for more of the same.

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WGRZ anchor, and in this case, muckraker, Maryalice Demler reported on dirty dealings behind closed doors by the North Tonawanda City Council. Sweetheart waterfront leases, negotiated on the q.t., to benefit political insiders.

By now you’ve probably read about Kim Pegula’s health issues. Her daughter Jessica wrote a moving first-hand account for The Players’ Tribune. It’s becoming apparent Kim will not be able to carry on once her much-older husband is no longer in the picture and, as I previously reported, federal estate taxes are going to make it difficult for the Pegula children to inherit the Bills and Sabres. Which makes it increasingly important for the Pegulas to provide the state and county with a succession plan, especially given the relatively easy out the lease on the new Bills stadium provides the team in the event its owner wants to bolt.

New York Focus had a couple of good reads last week, one exploring a huge subsidy for a downstate race track, the other examining Gov. Kathy Hochul’s regressive proposal involving bail.

Florida now has more jobs than New York. How did that happen? The Atlantic explains. (Story can be read via a free trial, if you don’t already subscribe.)

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How the rich – the filthy rich –  get richer: by dodging their taxes. A report from ProPublica.

Three takes on Elon Musk:

Journalism is vital to democracy. Let us count the ways.

Insiders tell us where they think television is headed.

The Bills have done right by Damar Hamlin. But the NFL often casts aside its young injured players. Veterans have gripes, too. Ten just sued over what they contend is the systemic denial of disability benefits to injured players. The plaintiffs include former Bills running back Willis McGahee.

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