Dec 3


Monday Morning Read

Von Miller of the Buffalo Bills has a disturbing history. But not as bad as Henry Kissinger's.

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Von Miller was charged last week with assaulting the pregnant mother of their children. But the story doesn’t end there. It’s the second time Miller has been  investigated for violence against a woman. Then there was the lawsuit filed against him by another woman alleging revenge porn. The charge: he shared photographs of them having sex with two celebrity friends in a “fit of jealousy, anger and rage.”

The Bills signed Miller for $20 million a season to not just sack quarterbacks, but serve as a spokesman, leader and mentor to his younger teammates. So much for the Bills taking character into account when evaluating players. Terry Pegula has fired numerous front office personnel for less. Let’s see what he does with Miller.

While the local media trips over itself singing the praises of Brian Higgins, the Albany Times Union asks what would have been so difficult in serving out his term? I’ll say it again: Going to work for Shea’s Buffalo is a waste of Higgins’ considerable talents.

Meanwhile, this upstate congressman (Albany area) is fighting the good fight when it comes to online sports gambling. Wants tobacco-like regulations.

Ken Kruly offers up “some facts, observations and heard on the streets.”

The Republicans who control the Niagara County Legislature provided Henry Wojtaszek and his Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. some cover by earmarking its share of OTB profits for a warm and fuzzy cause. Keep in mind Wojtaszek is the former head of the Niagara County GOP and remains a player.

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Elon Musk has met the enemy and he is it. I mean, telling advertisers to ‘eff off? When Twitter dies, Musk should be charged with homicide. His antics may wind up proving costly to some of his other business holdings, especially those involving government contracts.

On the media front:

An op-ed in the Washington Post makes a compelling case that Trump’s candidacy amounts to a dictatorship in waiting.

Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to own guns. And for the first time in recent history, if ever, guns are present in a majority of American households. Meanwhile, statistics show that more than half of suicides last year were carried out by gun. Also, more than half of all gun deaths now involve suicide.

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The Russian economy has rebounded, sanctions notwithstanding.

There’s no arguing that Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. He’s got a long way to catch up to Henry Kissinger.

We should all keep this story in mind the next time we eat some chocolate.

Does the Cookie Monster eat real cookies on camera? You’ll have to read this to find out. (Spoiler alert: whatever they are, they’re home baked.)

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