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Jim Heaney

Jim Heaney is editor and executive director of Investigative Post. He was an investigative reporter with The Buffalo News from 1986 to 2011 and a reporter and editor with The Orlando Sentinel from 1980-86. His coverage over the years has focused on economic development, local and state government, politics, education, housing and transportation, and he was an early practitioner of computer-assisted reporting. Heaney has won more than 20 journalism awards and was a finalist for the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

Email: / Twitter: @jimheaney


NY’s political dysfunction runs deep

When it comes right down to it, state legislators only have to do a handful of things to earn their $79,500 salaries. Pass a budget. Vote on bills and appointments. And, once every 10 years, redraw election district boundaries for the U.S. House of Representatives and the state Senate and Assembly. It appears likely that […]


Government’s spin cycle

I’m not sure when the high water mark was regarding the public’s right to know about what’s being done in its name and with its tax dollars, but surely that time has passed. A lot gets written this time every year as the press “celebrates” Sunshine Week. The focus is often on government’s failure to […]


Weekend News Cafe

Weekends are not high traffic days for most news websites and Investigative Post did not update our first two weekends. But we’re going to experiment with something we call “Weekend News Cafe,” in which we’ll post interesting reads we’ve come across over the past week and a video or two that might prove of interest. […]


A new tack for Central Terminal

One billion dollars opens the door to all sorts of possibilities. Consider the Central Terminal. Despite its scars, the Central Terminal might be the neatest space in Buffalo. The city’s proverbial diamond in the rough, even if the emphasis is on “rough.” Plans to revive the hulking structure have been kicked around for years, to […]


Commenting glitch is fixed

We’ve had only a few technical difficulties during out first two weeks of publishing. Reader comments, however, were landing helter skelter. We’ve fixed the problem and are noting an uptick in submissions. Please keep ’em coming. If you encounter any type of technical problem, please let us know via e-mail.


Quinn: How to spend Cuomo’s $1B

Larry Quinn, a developer and former managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres, weighed in yesterday with his thoughts on the team, Canalside and the future of HSBC bank in downtown Buffalo. Today, Quinn fields questions posed via-e-mail from Jim Heaney of Investigative Post on what ails local economic development efforts and what he thinks of […]


WFBO interview on Fahey-Kearns race

Jim Heaney discusses dynamics of upcoming special election for 145th District Assembly seat

Press play button to hear audio content:


Larry Quinn on Sabres, Canalside, HSBC

To quote Frank Sinatra, Larry Quinn has “been up and down and over and out,” perhaps moreso than any public figure in Buffalo over the past generation. He’s been a boy wonder city development whiz under Jimmy Griffin and a Manhattan developer. Managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres not once but twice and now involved […]