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Many localities not reporting sewer overflows

Many local governments across the state fail to report sewer overflows discharged into water bodies, an environmental group reported Thursday. In addition, about one-third of the reported sewer overflows since 2013 did not include the volume, which the group said could be in violation of state law. An Investigative Post analysis shows the Village of […]

Dan Telvock talks sewer overflows on WBFO

On WBFO’s Press Pass, Investigative Post’s Dan Telvock discusses his reporting on the region’s sewer overflows and how they impact Scajaquada Creek and other waterways.

A call for action on sewer overflows

The federal Environmental Protection Agency gave Buffalo 20 years to curb its sewer overflows into Scajaquada Creek and other waterways flowing through the city. That’s not fast enough, said Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke, whose district includes Cazenovia Creek, which, like the Scajaquada, he says is badly polluted by sewer overflows. The lack of urgency […]

Ugly month for sewer overflows in Erie County

For the first time, the numbers are flowing in on sewer overflows across the state and it isn’t pretty. In Erie County, almost 7 million gallons of untreated sewage were discharged into local waterways in May. This information wasn’t publicly available on the Internet until the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law went into effect last month. […]

Sewer overflows now public

The stinky truth is finally public. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has begun publishing sewer overflow reports from across New York. The reports, which are in Excel format, are posted here. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the “Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law” in August. The law requires public sewage treatment plants and sewer systems to […]

Shining light on sewer overflows

Update: The DEC released a statement today that sewage discharges will be reported on its website. You can visit the page here. “DEC is developing regulations for a second part of the law that requires publicly owned treatment works and publicly owned sewer systems to notify the public directly of discharges.  DEC plans to release the draft […]

Hurricane Sandy’s shocking sewer overflows

Climate Central found that Hurricane Sandy caused 11 billion gallons worth of sewage overflows into waterways and streets. Heavy rain and storms in Buffalo can cause up to 4 billion gallons worth of overflows annually.

The DEC’s puzzling fixation on Falls overflows

The Niagara Falls Water Board is once again in the crosshairs of the state Department of Environmental Conversation for sewer overflows – a problem that plagues communities across the state. The Water Board reported three separate sewer overflows to the DEC on Wednesday. A total of 23.8 million gallons of untreated sewage mixed with dirty […]