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Q&A: Nanotech guru Alain Kaloyeros

Alain Kaloyeros works in Albany but is emerging as a key player in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s effort to revitalize the Western New York economy.  Kaloyeros is the senior vice president and CEO of the College of Nanoscience and Engineering at the University of Albany. Since 1988 he has lead the effort to develop a nanotechnology […]


Details on Cuomo’s first Billion To Buffalo investment

I’ve been reporting on economic development in this town for more than a decade and the way Andrew Cuomo and Co. plan on spending the first installment of the $1 billion they’ve pledged to revitalize the Buffalo area economy is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I mean this in a good way. Gov. Cuomo in […]


Q&A: Jordan Levy

Jordan Levy is one of Western New York’s most successful entrepreneurs in recent times. He might be best known to local residents as the former chairman of the Erie Harbor Canal Development Corp., which is developing Canalside. He served in that capacity for four years before stepping down in 2011. During that time he first supported […]


Q&A: Howard Zemsky

Howard Zemsky is one of the most influential people in Western New York. And certainly one of its busiest. He’s perhaps best known for his revitalization of the Larkin Building and the surrounding area into one of the hottest – and coolest –  commercial, residential and retail districts in the region. It’s only one of several […]


Antoine Thompson? Really?

Antoine Thompson couldn’t find a job when voters fired him from his state Senate job two years ago. So, of course, Mayor Byron Brown has now hired Thompson to help the county’s 37,900 unemployed find jobs. Yeah, right. This is about as blatant – and shameless – as patronage hiring gets. First consider that Thompson […]


Good plan off to bad start

There’s a lot to like about the blueprint for spending $1 billion in state aid to revitalize the Western New York economy that was released Tuesday. I’d feel better about the plan’s prospects, however, if Gov. Andrew Cuomo hadn’t used its release to announce a heavily subsidized deal to bring 250 jobs here that smacks of […]


Interview: Larry Quinn

Quinn, a former development official and managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres, talks about the NHL lockout and what he termed the “misdirection” at Canalside. He also discusses a dubious distinction Buffalo holds among large cities.


Updating $1 billion economic aid package

Regional Economic Development Council on Monday outlined progress in putting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pledge into action. Six targeted industry sectors and public initiatives have been identified, and over next two months the council will establish a five-year blueprint and select three to five “signature” projects that will be implemented next year.