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Sheldon Silver is no liberal

He’s been protecting male lawmakers who sexually harass female employees for years. Now comes a report that the Assembly speaker has used his influence to thwart development that would have brought low-income residents to Silver’s neighborhood. A report from The New York Times.


Heaney talks Paladino with WBFO

Investigative Post editor recaps his recent exposé on Carl Paladino’s double standard of criticizing Republicans who donate to Democrats while doing the same thing himself.

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On the campaign trail with Donald Trump

“Trump very badly wants to be taken seriously as a potential political candidate and not be written off as a man-boy who cried wolf. But, at the same time, he plainly has no interest in actually running for office,” reports BuzzFeed in an interesting profile.


Carl Paladino is a RINO

RINO is a four-letter word to Carl Paladino. It’s short for “Republican In Name Only.” Paladino dismisses many mainstream Republicans as RINOs for failing to subscribe to his Tea Party-flavored politics, committing the sin of compromising with Democrats or contributing to their campaigns. Republicans donating to Democrats is supposedly so repugnant to Paladino that he organized […]


Heaney talks stonewalling with WBFO

Investigative Post editor tells Eileen Buckley on Press Pass that government at all levels – local, state and federal – is becoming increasingly hostile to the public’s right to know. Heaney cites numerous examples of officials refusing interview requests and delaying the release of public records.

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Big business donors oppose campaign reform

Unshackle Upstate is a pro-business, anti-tax group funded by corporate interests, including the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. It opposes public financing of political campaigns despite the corrupt culture the present system has fostered. LittleSis crunched the numbers and found out Unshackle has donated nearly $2 million to state pols, including more than $160,000 to Gov. Cuomo.


Clinton presidential campaign HQ in Buffalo?

Political operative/pundit James Carville has made a curious suggestion to Hillary Clinton if she opts to run for president: Locate her campaign headquarters in Buffalo. “Washington and the ways of Washington are going to be massively unpopular,” Carville wrote in The Hill. “The less Washington, the better.”


Heaney talks politics on WBFO

It’s not too early to talk about a post-Brown Buffalo, given speculation that Gov. Cuomo may be looking for a new running mate next year. Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney discusses the possibilities with Eileen Buckley on “Press Pass,” along with what he said is the “very poor quality” of elected officials across the region.

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