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Buffalo Billion program at Daemen struggles

When Sonja Slother enrolled in a fledgling film production program at Daemen College, her enthusiasm was buoyed by the college’s partnership with a company committed to creating more than 100 jobs. The initiative, which was awarded $4.5 million in Buffalo Billion funding, was meant to train a workforce for the visual effects industry Gov. Andrew Cuomo […]


Cuomo’s costly Peace Bridge purchase

  The property was a mess — contaminated, mired in debt and depreciating in value — but Gov. Andrew Cuomo wanted it bad. As it turns out, as much as $27 million bad. To buy the abandoned Episcopal Church Home, a property considered essential to an expansion of the Peace Bridge plaza, state government under […]


Asthma epidemic near Peace Bridge

An Investigative Post report produced in partnership with WGRZ has found a strong link between Peace Bridge pollution, especially diesel truck fumes, and high asthma rates in the neighborhood adjacent to the bridge. An analysis of scientific studies and other data shows asthma rates on the Lower West Side are about four times the national average and residents with asthma can be […]


Spitzer jabs Cuomo on economic development

Former governor takes the current one to task for patronage hiring at Empire State Development Corp., and a taxpayer funded advertising campaign. A report from Politicker.


Cuomo a sore loser

Jeremy Zellner, chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party, tells Jim Heaney of Investigative Post that Gov. Andrew Cuomo still isn’t talking to party HQ after failing to elect his preferred candidate to lead local Democrats. More of the interview will air Saturday about 6:40 a.m. on WGRZ Daybreak.


Peace Bridge road project not a done deal

Governor Andrew Cuomo a month ago announced a project to reconfigure traffic routes leading to and from the Peace Bridge as all but a done deal. Not so fast. The $22 million project faces a review that officials want to expedite to finish in a year. Part of the process involves something that project planners […]


The problem with Albany governing in the dark

As if we needed more evidence that New York’s “Three Men in a Room” way of governing doesn’t work, there is this year’s legislative session. First there was the wham-bam bill to toughen gun control laws. Among other things, it limited magazines to no more than seven rounds of ammunition. Turns out that few such […]


Beyond controlling

A state employee praises Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is threatened with termination, resigns, and gets raked over the coals anyway. His sin: talking to a reporter without permission. The New York Times details the lengths to which Cuomo and Co. micromanage the release of information.