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Urban Wasteland

Central Park Plaza opened in 1958, started going downhill in the 1980s and shuttered the last of its stores last summer. City inspectors repeatedly cited the plaza for violations, triggering a state probe and a subsequent agreement by its owners to sell the 27 acre parcel east of Amherst and Main streets. Blight in the […]


Older but wiser, or at least better educated

After a couple of editions about political contributions, we decided to mix things up a bit, so Joe Friday this week deals with the change in population characteristics in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area between 2000 and 2010, according to the Census. Two trends jump out: The drop off in population is most pronounced among […]


Weekend News Cafe

Toles the blogger You call know Tom Toles the editorial cartoonist. Tom, a member of the Investigative Post board of directors, also blogs for the Washington Post. Which is to say, he’s a busy guy. Tom’s blog post on Friday takes on what he sees as the right wing’s end game. The time bomb is […]


Hotel discounts that cost taxpayers

It seems local IDAs still haven’t come across a hotel subsidy deal they don’t like. The Amherst IDA in January approved $1.9 million in tax breaks for a hotel and retail shops on Main Street in Williamsville that Carl Paladino plans to develop on the former site of Stereo Advantage. On Monday, the Erie County […]


Sobering stats for Hochul

A reader forwarded a post from the Daily Kos that lays out all sorts of interesting voting patterns in the New York’s reconfigured Congressional districts that underscore just how amazing Kathy Hochul’s victory was last year in the old 26th District and how difficult a repeat performance will be in the new 27th. Press accounts […]


Handicapping a Hochul-Collins race

There’s the matter of an almost certain GOP primary, but the announcement over the weekend by Chris Collins that he is running for the 27th Congressional District leads to inevitable speculation about a general election showdown with Kathy Hochul. Conventional wisdom holds that the Republican holds a distinct advantage because of party enrollment figures.  While […]


Weekend News Cafe

The NYPD, people of color and the Buffalo connection Reports that New York City police have been spying on Muslims in the Buffalo area – without notifying the feds – fits a pattern that is coming under increasing criticism. The NYPA has an aggressive stop-and-frisk policy in NYC that targets men of color. Reports The […]


Same as the Old Boss

Ossified. Webster defines it as “hardened or conventional and opposed to change.” As in government in New York State. A cursory reading of the headlines might lead one to believe that governance in New York is starting to move in the right direction since Andrew Cuomo took up residence in the governor’s mansion. The state […]