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Godzilla of invasive species strikes local creek

Local biologists said yesterday that one of the most invasive aquatic plants in North America has spread over portions of a 13.5-mile stretch of Tonawanda Creek, which could pose serious problems for native plants, animals and recreation. U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist Michael Goehle first discovered the Hydrilla plant on Sept. 7 in North Tonawanda by […]


4 billion gallons of sewage goes where?

Buffalo is one of the few Great Lakes cities that doesn’t have an EPA-approved long-term control plan that takes advantage of green technologies for its wastewater. And mayors across the nation—minus Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and a bunch of others—were in the nation’s capital last week to discuss how the federal regulations will cost municipalities billions […]


Theater District station removal concerns transit group

One of Mayor Byron Brown’s top goals is to return vehicular traffic to downtown’s Main Street, but his plan for the newest phase that will remove the Theater District Station is drawing flak from the Citizens for Regional Transit. The Cars Sharing Main Street program violates its own mission of increasing transit ridership by eliminating the station, […]


Hillcrest fire could take week to extinguish

The Environmental Protection Agency has taken the lead in responding to a fire at Hillcrest Industries in Attica and the agency reports progress is being made in extinguishing the fire and controlling the odors that led neighbors to complain for several months. The source of the fire is a 40-foot, 50,000-ton pile of plastic, glass and […]


U.S. fracking and the Niagara Falls

If there were a mobile container that could hold one full day of water rolling from the Niagara Falls it could serve the fracking operations in the United States for the past 20 months. That’s about 66 billion of gallons of water mixed with chemicals and sand to drill deep into the ground to extract […]


NY Health Commissioner adds delay to fracking review

The New York State hydrofracking regulations review and environmental impact study that the Department of Environmental Conservation started in 2008 has once again hit a bump. Health Commissioner Nirav Shah wants more investigation added to the review, specifically a health impact analysis. But he refuses to take the suggestion from environmentalists to have independent university […]


Toxic Town of Tonawanda

There are 53 industrial plants in a 2-mile radius in Tonawanda and it has the highest concentration of air polluters in New York State. The Clean Air Coalition hosted a “Toxic Tour” Saturday morning and if you haven’t been on one, it’s worth the 90 minutes to get a feeling of what is happening in […]


Study says costs of fracking are big

A new report from the Environment America Research & Policy Center highlights how fracking has more problems than just environmental ones. The study states that the state governments are expending big money for new infrastructure and road repairs because of fracking efforts. But there’s more: A 2010 study in Texas found homes within 1,000 feet […]