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Clearing the Delaware North HQ site

Demolition crews are in the home stretch of work to clear the northwest corner of Delaware Avenue and Chippewa Street for construction of new corporate headquarters for Delaware North. The project involves at least $10.6 million in tax breaks for the project developer, Uniland, and Delaware North, which will be the building’s primary tenant.


Belated Chippewa Street cleanup

Rain washed away the stale beer and vomit and city crews finally emptied overflowing trash receptacles along Chippewa Street on Wednesday after Investigative Post and WGRZ pointed out the poor impression conditions were leaving on basketball fans visiting Buffalo for the NCAA tournament.


Welcome to Pigsty City

Buffalo is teeming with visiting basketball fans who are being encouraged to hit the town. Chippewa Street is the entertainment strip closest to the NCAA tournament action, but the city has yet to empty the trash cans, much less clean up the trash, vomit and broken glass from last weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day ‘festivities.’


Asian carp found in unsuspecting spot

Asian carp found breeding in the Upper Mississippi. That means they are spreading much faster than any scientist had originally thought. The biggest fear is when these voracious eaters with no known predators will reach the Great Lakes. A story from National Geographic.


City Hall scandal over anti-poverty funds

Our partners at WGRZ have broken a number of stories recently about Buffalo’s misuse of block grant funds and the failure of federal regulators to hold city officials accountable. The latest story by Jeff Preval includes an interview with Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney, who has covered the issue for more than 15 years.


Higgins calls out Tonawanda Coke

Congressman Brian Higgins, following up on an Investigative Post report about Tonawanda Coke suppressing information about Jan. 31 explosion at its plant, takes the company to task. Tonawanda Coke initially claimed no one was injured in blast until iPost reported at least one worker had been injured.


Artificial sweeteners found in Great Lakes river

Levels of three artificial sweeteners found in Canada’s Grand River, which flows into Lake Erie, are the highest ever found in surface waters worldwide, according to a new study. Researchers aren’t sure what this means for fish and other aquatic species. A report from Environmental Health News.


Big business donors oppose campaign reform

Unshackle Upstate is a pro-business, anti-tax group funded by corporate interests, including the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. It opposes public financing of political campaigns despite the corrupt culture the present system has fostered. LittleSis crunched the numbers and found out Unshackle has donated nearly $2 million to state pols, including more than $160,000 to Gov. Cuomo.