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Activists claim hydrofracking conflicts

Seven organizations, including Public Citizen, ask the district attorney in Albany to investigate whether the stock holdings of Lawrence Schwartz, a key Cuomo insider, represent a conflict of interest. The groups said Schwartz owns stock in companies that would benefit financially should Cuomo approve hydrofracking.


Niagara Falls Water Board considered treating hydrofracking waste

The practice of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas may not take place here in Western New York, but is the waste from it potentially headed this way? A report by the Niagara Gazette.


Pegula of Sabres pushed for hydrofracking in New York

Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula, who made his fortune hydrofracking, has used his status as a sports mogul at least once to lobby state lawmakers to embrace drilling for natural gas. Jon Campbell of the Gannett News Service’s capital bureau in Albany is reporting that Pegula invited lawmakers to his hockey arena 15 months ago and […]


Health experts finished NY fracking review months ago, but lawmakers weren’t told

The three experts the state picked to review health impacts of hydrofracking say they finished over a month ago. But the Department of Environmental Conservation and the state Health Department didn’t reveal this in front of lawmakers last week. DEC faces a Feb. 27 deadline to finish regulations or they expire. A report from Albany’s […]


Environmental commissioner grilled on fracking

Monday morning’s joint state legislative meeting on the environmental conservation budget turned into a question and answer session with state Department of Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens on hydrofracking. The Albany Times-Union has a good report of the meeting. One topic that caught my attention was during  Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton’s peppering of Martens on the controversial natural […]


New York residents still divided on hydrofracking

As state health department finishes its review of hydrofracking impacts, state residents still not sure if the controversial drilling should be allowed here, Capital Tonight reports. Jobs vs. environmental impacts creates the divide.


An oil investor turned anti-fracking activist

James Northrup used to be an oil investor in Texas before he moved to Cooperstown and became an activist against hydrofracking. Ecowatch produced this interview with Northrup, in which he talks about some of the environmental dangers of drilling for natural gas.


Is hydrofracking safe with DEC?

A year-old state report leaked to the New York Times and Gannett’s Albany bureau says that hydraulic gas drilling can be done safely if the state Department of Environmental Conservation stays on top of the regulations. Never has there been an environmental issue in New York that has garnered so much emotion and attention than […]