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Q&A: Economist Craig Rogers

Craig Rogers is an associate professor of economics at Canisius College. Beyond his academic credentials, he has a wealth of experience in urban economics thanks to his stints with the college’s Center for Entrepreneurship and  the Office of Urban Initiatives. Rogers, 47, is a native of Niagara Falls. He earned undergraduate degrees in economics and business administration […]


Q&A: Mark Poloncarz

  Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has emerged as a leading critic of local economic development practices. Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney interviewed Poloncarz on April 2, 2013, to discuss his concerns in-depth.  _____________________________________ Heaney: We’re going to do a special focus today on economic development. I’ve been covering economic development in Buffalo for probably […]


Poloncarz slams “entitlement mentality” among local developers

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz decries “multi-multi-millionaires who feel they are entitled to do a project without paying one red cent in tax.” The expanded interview will air Saturday on WGRZ’s Daybreak. The full interview and transcript will post to this website over the weekend.


Heaney talks subsidies on WBFO

Investigative Post editor discusses the state of subsidy deals granted to developers, including Yahoo and the Buffalo Sabres, on his monthly installment of Press Pass.

Press play button to hear audio content:


Details on Cuomo’s first Billion To Buffalo investment

I’ve been reporting on economic development in this town for more than a decade and the way Andrew Cuomo and Co. plan on spending the first installment of the $1 billion they’ve pledged to revitalize the Buffalo area economy is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I mean this in a good way. Gov. Cuomo in […]


Q&A: Jordan Levy

Jordan Levy is one of Western New York’s most successful entrepreneurs in recent times. He might be best known to local residents as the former chairman of the Erie Harbor Canal Development Corp., which is developing Canalside. He served in that capacity for four years before stepping down in 2011. During that time he first supported […]


Stealing, not creating jobs

A report by Good Jobs First documents how states spend billions to steal jobs from each other. “The result is a vast waste of taxpayer funds, paying for the geographic reshuffling of existing jobs rather than new business activity,” according to the report’s author.


Job claims inflated for Billion To Buffalo project

Governor Andrew Cuomo summoned hundreds of muckety-mucks to the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center two weeks ago to make the kind of announcement that politicians live for: government aid to bring jobs to an economically struggling region. In this instance, Cuomo told the assembled that the first $50 million of his $1 billion in promised state […]