Apr 17


Monday Morning Read

Topics include Doug Jemal, Kathy Hochul, Al Franken and the Bills stadium deal (of course)

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There’s a lot for Kathy Hochul to fix as governor, including corruption and a lack of transparency in state government. (I think she’s off to a lousy start on both fronts.) But there’s also the issue of toxic masculinity in Albany, a topic The New York Times explored in a story Sunday. An interesting read.

Two Buffalo News stories caught my eye last week:

  • The Western New York economy is not recovering from the pandemic nearly as well as the rest of the country. We’re down something like 30,000 jobs. This doesn’t surprise me, in that our “recovery” during the Cuomo years also lagged behind the rest of the nation.
  • Doug Jemal gave the two Buffalo cops who shoved Martin Gugino $50,000 to spend on their defense. Before you start thinking Jemal is a law-and-order type, remember he’s a convicted felon.

Ken Kruly has the rundown on the upcoming primaries in his Politics and Other Stuff.

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Another week, another couple of stories that illustrate just how bad the Bills stadium deal is, here and here. (Nobody – and I mean, nobody – has a good word to say about the deal except the politicians who feared for their jobs if the Bill were to move.)

Nashville is now considering a dome to house the Tennessee Titans. How much is the team and NFL kicking in? Read on.

There’s also a good read about the ongoing saga involving a new baseball stadium in Oakland and what sports mean to mid-sized cities.

 This investigation by New York Focus casts the state parole board as heartless in dealing with terminally ill inmates.

I saw Al Franken at Babeville on Friday. He was insightful in a funny kind of way. A very good show. His recent interview on the Tonight Show gives you a flavor of his routine. (My apologies for subjecting you to Jimmy Fallon.)