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Toronto flooding aftermath

A Lake Ontario Waterkeeper member estimated that more than 200 million gallons of sewer overflowed into Lake Ontatio after a drenching of rain in Toronto flooded streets and overwhelmed the sewer systems there. City water officials contested the estimate.


U.S. emerging as the world’s snoop

Glenn Greenwald’s latest column concludes: “The US government – in complete secrecy – is constructing a ubiquitous spying apparatus aimed not only at its own citizens, but all of the world’s citizens.”


Esmonde: Cuomo the Peace Bridge problem

Buffalo News columnist hits the nail on the head: “The governor didn’t so much ensure progress as threaten it.”


DEC’s sewage discharge reports lack details

The intent of the Sewage Pollution Right to Know law passed 10 months ago was to inform state residents within four hours of sewage overflows into waterways to protect them from the dangers of swimming or fishing in tainted water. Not only would residents know the estimated amount of all overflows, they would know where it […]


Another down side to fracking

Methane is a more harmful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It’s also a byproduct of hydrofracking. A report from the Guardian.


Numbers, history belie Cuomo’s Peace Bridge claims

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his minions are insisting long and loud that Canadian members of the authority that manages the Peace Bridge have shortchanged efforts to improve the American side of the bridge. But an analysis by Investigative Post found that nearly half of the $192.5 million spent or committed by the authority’s governing board […]


Asthma plagues Peace Bridge neighborhood

D’Youville Porter School is a few blocks from the Peace Bridge. Some 660 students attend the elementary school. A quarter have asthma. Instruction at the school includes reading, writing and, for some pupils, how to use an inhaler. “It is very difficult for these kids who are having asthma problems,” said Assunta Ventresca, director of […]


Asthma epidemic near Peace Bridge

An Investigative Post report produced in partnership with WGRZ has found a strong link between Peace Bridge pollution, especially diesel truck fumes, and high asthma rates in the neighborhood adjacent to the bridge. An analysis of scientific studies and other data shows asthma rates on the Lower West Side are about four times the national average and residents with asthma can be […]