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More danger lurking in the water

A concrete pier juts hundreds of feet into the Niagara River from the northern tip of Unity Island. It’s isolated, quiet and where Antawyn Parker likes to fish. He makes dinner with his catch about once a month, Parker told Investigative Post. But unbeknownst to him the fish are contaminated with a toxin recently linked […]


Proposed wind turbines generating conflict

Pam Atwater lives on six and a half acres in the Niagara County Town of Somerset. Her home is primarily fueled by energy from the solar panels on the rooftop of her barn and a geothermal system that heats and cools her house. Despite her embrace of renewable energy, Atwater leads a group fighting to […]


EPA’s new Great Lakes plan helps Buffalo River

By 2019, enough toxic pollutants should be removed from the Buffalo River to thrust its rebound toward a level of health that would allow people to once again safely eat the fish and possibly even enjoy a swim. That’s one of the chief goals of the Environmental Protection Agency’s second phase of its Great Lakes restoration initiative. But […]


Western Lake Erie’s algae blooms not going away

The harmful algae blooms in western Lake Erie may be a problem over the next century. In fact, some parts of the western basin could see huge increases of blooms. A story from the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio.


Mapping spread of Great Lakes invasive species

Ever wonder how fast invasive species can spread throughout the Great Lakes? Look no further. The Nature Conservancy developed a series of time lapse maps that show the shocking, rapid spread of the different types of invasive species. Zebra and quagga mussels, round goby and sea lamprey are the chief invaders in Western New York. “A 2012 report by […]


Asian carp found in unsuspecting spot

Asian carp found breeding in the Upper Mississippi. That means they are spreading much faster than any scientist had originally thought. The biggest fear is when these voracious eaters with no known predators will reach the Great Lakes. A story from National Geographic.


Attorney general wants microbeads banned

Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic in over 100 beauty and cosmetic products. Toxic chemicals attach to the beads and fish eat them. Research led by SUNY Fredonia’s Assistant Professor of Chemistry Professor Sherri Mason found high levels of microbeads in Lake Erie. Now, lawmakers and the attorney general want them banned.


Artificial sweeteners found in Great Lakes river

Levels of three artificial sweeteners found in Canada’s Grand River, which flows into Lake Erie, are the highest ever found in surface waters worldwide, according to a new study. Researchers aren’t sure what this means for fish and other aquatic species. A report from Environmental Health News.