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Decline in cross border traffic “very significant”

It might not seem like it if you’re stuck waiting to cross the border to or from Canada this summer, but over the past two decades, the number of people making the trip has plummeted.  Car traffic at the Peace Bridge, which connects Buffalo and Fort Erie, dropped 40 percent between 2000 and 2017. Ron […]


DEC: Peace Bridge air quality meets standards

The state Department of Environmental Conservation said Tuesday that its latest air monitoring program near the Peace Bridge shows the air people breathe in adjacent neighborhoods beset by high asthma rates is comparable to other similarly sized cities and high-traffic urban areas. In fact, state environmental regulators said during the community meeting at the Porter […]


State’s strategy riles Peace Bridge neighbors

The state Department of Environmental Conservation’s long-awaited air quality study at the Peace Bridge is finished, but the agency is refusing to release the report until after a community meeting next week. A chain of emails obtained by Investigative Post reveals a growing frustration among West Side residents over what they consider the DEC’s lack […]


Peace Bridge expansion talk premature

Talk of a renewed effort to begin planning for a second span at the Peace Bridge is overblown, Jim Heaney told Steve Brown on Sunday’s weekly installment of Outrages & Insights. Heaney said his sources tell him the Peace Bridge Authority is focused on its $185 million capital improvement plan that will take another four […]


Cuomo’s costly Peace Bridge purchase

  The property was a mess — contaminated, mired in debt and depreciating in value — but Gov. Andrew Cuomo wanted it bad. As it turns out, as much as $27 million bad. To buy the abandoned Episcopal Church Home, a property considered essential to an expansion of the Peace Bridge plaza, state government under […]


Peace Bridge: Radioactive roadway?

West Side residents have long complained about trucks crossing the Peace Bridge because of diesel fumes that have been linked to respiratory illnesses. They now have another reason to be uncomfortable with truck traffic: rigs carrying high-level radioactive cargo. Federal authorities in May gave approval for a company to truck spent nuclear fuel over the Peace […]


Picture the difference in population density

Census statistics provide hard numbers for how densely populated Buffalo’s West Side is near the Peace Bridge compared to the Lewiston Queenston Bridge north of Niagara Falls. But numbers alone don’t provide a clear view of just how striking the differences are between the neighborhoods near the two bridges. Aerial photographs below taken by the […]


Distrust in the air at Peace Bridge

State environmental officials have been mum for two months about their plans for a second round of air monitoring at the Peace Bridge after they misrepresented the flawed first round of testing. In the face of that silence, community activists and a key lawmaker who represents the neighborhood near the Peace Bridge agree that the […]